All-inclusive theme bundles and memberships under $70

Bundles and memberships are the best option if you are a developer working for clients, or have multiple personal websites. You get an all-inclusive access to a theme shop’s items, for a fraction of the individual prices of themes put together. Also, sometimes shops even provide plugins, PSD files or other goodies in their bundles.
We’re committed and relentless in the search for the gems and unicorns that are both affordable and well made, so we put together this collection of theme shops that offer all-inclusive memberships and bundles for low prices without compromising on quality.


#bundle = one-time payment bundle
#membership = 1 year membership
Some theme shops have multiple membership options.
Almost all shops also offer a lifetime membership.


AlienWP offers full access to a collection of 20 awesome themes, plus 2 plugins for $59. Simple, clear pricing, just one all-inclusive option. #membership


ModernThemes offers 2 all-access options: one for $59 and one lifetime for $99. They also have a wide range of very nice free themes. #membership


CyberChimps offers 3 packages: all-access annual ($67), all-access monthly ($9/month) and one-theme access annual ($27). #membership


CSSIgniter offers 3 packages: all themes and plugins ($69), all themes and plugins plus landing pages ($99) and lifetime membership ($249). #membership


ThemeJunkie offers 2 all-access options for a collection of 55+ themes: one for $49 and one lifetime for $99. #membership


Elmastudio offers an all-themes bundle of nice minimalist themes for €48 / $57. #bundle


NimbusThemes offers 2 all-access options: access to all themes for $49 and one lifetime membership for $99. #membership